Concrete Classification Category

  • Polymer concrete
  • Cement concrete
  • Asphalt concrete
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Pre-stressed Concrete
  • Precast Concrete
  • Light – Weight Concrete
  • High-Density Concrete
  • Air Entrained Concrete
  • Ready Mix Concrete


Asphalt Concrete

The black mixture of viscous with hydrocarbons for obtaining natural from the distillation of petroleum it’s called bitumen. Uses of bitumen in roads surface and the roof to save weather conditions and save secure the structure. For sharp edges using aggregates instead & also getting around corners in asphalt.

Asphalt Concrete

Polymer Concrete

The Polymer concrete prepared for instead for the cement polymers used in binders construction. In solid polymer is used like an admixture that’s concrete is called PCC (Polymer Cement Concrete) & also other types are called PMC (Polymer Modified Concrete).

Cement Concrete

Different types of cement used in concrete works for structure and different classes of cement used in a binder. Glue is a significant component of any fabric in a material. Cement concrete gives strength of structure that they made for without cement not possible any structure can be built and get power.


Reinforced Concrete

Reinforced concrete is concrete in which introduced the reinforcement as a bearing the strength of tensile. The ugly concrete is useful in the compression, and it’s terrible & weak in tension.
There is the total responsibility of bearing the stresses of tensile. R.C.C The working of RCC is combined action with plain & reinforcement concrete.
The reinforcement steel uses in the form of bars, rods, and type of meshes in the concrete.

Pre-stressed Concrete

The Big projects of concrete carried through the prestressed units of concrete. That’s the unique techniques in which tendons and bars are used in concrete on stress before actual application services loaded. During the process of the mixing concrete and placing of concrete, placing of tension bars are firmly or held from each ends unit of the structural. When the concrete is correctly set & harden, then fundamental put into a compression unit.

Pre-stressed Concrete


Light Weight Concrete

Concrete has a density of less than 1930kg/m3 categorized in a lightweight of the concrete term. Uses of the lightweight concrete in design to getting lightweight aggregates in a plan.

The critical component of aggregates that contributes to the density structure of concrete . There are plenty of examples in a lightweight concrete total like perlites, pumice, and scoria are the term mostly used. The lightweight aggregates of concrete protect the structure of steel and also useful for long term and long span decks & bridges in the construction. It is also helpful for building blocks construction.


High-Density Concrete

The concretes have a density of almost ranging in the 4000 to 6000 kg/m3 are called the Concrete weight heavyweight. Also, use in heavyweight concrete aggregates in it.

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Air Entrained Concrete

When the concrete air is entertained intentionally in an amount of 4% to 7% in the concrete, it’s been dangerous for the structure damages point of views.


Ready Mix Concrete

Mix concrete is a very specialty and precise concrete; it can be developed based on the demand for specification with quality utmost.