Concrete Resurfacing

concrete resurfacing

What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

Concrete resurfacing can provide your outdoor and indoor surfaces with a fresh finish without the trouble of a comprehensive replacement. The method is simple and saves you a lot of money that you would spend if you were to pour new concrete over your old surfaces.

This also allows multiple decorative finishes so you can customize the appearance of your floors and concrete surfaces.


What Is Concrete Resurfacing Made From?

Simply put, concrete resurfacing a thin cement-based overlay that mixed with special bonding agents. It poured over existing concrete and adheres to create a beautiful and smooth new surface.

concrete resurfacing cost

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As your new surface dries it becomes stronger and more long-lasting. You surely want to wait at least 24 hours before driving on it.


What Are The Benefits Of Concrete Resurfacing?

Apart from saving you money and revamping your old and worn-out driveway or patio, there are many other advantages of it.

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In short, it is more manageable than breaking apart old concrete and pouring it all over again, it saves time and money, it is flexible to future wear and tear, it provides for custom finishes and it gives you sleek and beautiful new surfaces in and around your home.


Does My Surface Qualify For Concrete Resurfacing?

Concrete resurfacing molds best on areas with lesser damage. If your floors have large holes or severe damage to them you may want to look into fixing that first. Concrete resurfacing can’t fix structural problems. If you pour this over larger cracks, ultimately they will show up through your new surface and you will have to deal with them all over again.

concrete resurface

The first impression counts. No matter how often we said not to judge a book by its cover or to ignore physical details. As humans we attracted to aesthetically pleasing surfaces and put off by dirty, worn out and damaged surfaces. As a homeowner, you are aware of the importance of curb appeal. Not only for real estate purposes but also for the sake of keeping the home in good condition.

Repairing broken concrete can cost a lot of money and it is extremely time-consuming. Luckily, if you are dealing with a mildly damaged or worn-out driveway, patio or sidewalk you do not have to break up the old concrete and have it re-poured. This is where it comes in to save the day.

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