The rainy season is troublesome for many, especially when your basement is flooded with water. A sump is a pit dug into the basement to let the water accumulate at one spot. You can install a pump in that sump to force the accumulated water out.

Climate change has caused extreme climate conditions across the globe. Unexpected flooding is the new pattern seen in the changing climatic conditions. Your basement is the first place to face the havoc of rain. A wide variety of sump pumps, such as pedestal, submersible, battery backup, and combination, are available in the market to fit your needs. In case of mild or extreme flooding in your basement, you can install the one based on the requirements to handle these situations.

How to choose the right sump pump 

You can consider multiple factors when deciding which one to install or upgrade the existing one. Based on your basement’s frequency of flooding, power availability, and usage, you can determine which device would be most suitable for your basement.

Here are some top features to consider when purchasing a sump pump.


You can only get something if it is affordable. The best set gives superior service and is easy on the pocket. You can establish a budget for the same and then look for viable options in the market.

You will find costly pumps, but you may need something else. The cost depends on the features it provides. Look for the features relevant to you and then decide whether it is worth spending the amount.

Types of pump

Now you have decided on your budget; you can decide the type of pump that will suffice for you. There are mainly three types of pumps in the market.

The submersible, pedestal, battery backup, and combination sump pump are available in the market. The submersible is the most expensive one, but effective. A pedestal is installed on the basement surface rather than in the sump basin. Battery backup gets power from a battery, not an electric outlet and combination pumps have dual features- battery and electricity.

Weather conditions 

One of the important factors to consider is the weather conditions. You may need to use the sump pumps once a year or ten times in three months. The pump choice should also depend on the frequency of usage. The weather conditions of your place have a significant role to play.

In areas with long rainy seasons, flash floods are common. Your basement is likely to get flooded now and then. A powerful sump pump can save thousands of dollars every year.

Basin space

The basin space is crucial when installing the pump. The different types of pumps require different basin sizes. Submersible pumps operate in the range of 7 to 16 inches. It is best to check your basin size before making a purchase.

Pump operation 

You can choose the pump to be manual or automatic. The pumps are available in two modes. You can turn the on or off the pump whenever you wish. Get an automatic one if you need more time or find it difficult to operate it yourself.

The automatic pump gets activated according to the water level in your sump basin and sends updates to your smartphone. It can save you from the headache of handling the machine yourself.


The sump pump is your best friend by all means. They save you money that can cost you much more than the machine. It protects the basement floor, walls, and any other appliances from damage. You can choose the right set of pumps for your house based on your requirements.

Using a cost-effective, durable sump pump for better efficiency is wise. Some pumps are without plug-in features and work on batteries.

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