The essence of throwing a baby shower party is to give the pregnant mother and her family something they’ll remember and enjoy for the rest of their lives as they prepare for the arrival of a new baby. A baby shower is often planned and carried out by a pregnant mother’s closest friends. Baby showers may also be hosted by anyone close to the expecting mother, including family and distant relatives. 

When planning this party, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by all the prospective activities and guests list. However, you can organize a memorable event if you follow the steps in this guide.

Choose a Suitable Date and Time

Discuss the schedule of the celebration with the expectant mother. Most parties are held during the seventh month of pregnancy. She may still feel strong and extremely good about herself during this period. Furthermore, she’ll have plenty of time to check through the baby shower presents and determine what she still needs to buy before the baby arrives.

Consider the Budget

While the host is expected to pay for everything, investing too much in the event may be distressing for you and your friendship. Tell the expecting mother the truth about what you can do to assist her, and if you need further assistance, seek out help from other friends. Several inventive solutions are available, some of which may lower financial expenses without reducing the event’s quality.

Decide on the Right Venue

Before settling on a venue, you must know how many people will attend the event. If you want the party to have a personal and intimate touch, you should consider holding it in the expecting parents’ home. Also, consider the time of year, the anticipated crowd, and your budgetary limits. Holding the baby shower party at home might save you money and provide a more personal feeling. However, if you anticipate many guests or have a large budget, holding the event in a nearby hotel or restaurant may be a fantastic alternative.

Send Out the Invitations Early

As a host, it is your responsibility to spread the news as early as possible so that the expecting mother could invite all the guests that she wants to come. Send out baby shower invitations around six weeks before the event. Doing so will give guests ample time to organize their day off, get a babysitter, and complete any last-minute shopping for gifts. If you don’t know some of the guests’ addresses, all you need is their phone numbers. Find them in the PhoneHistory database, and it will show you the addresses of those people. Of course, it could be easier to call and tell about the event, but invitations are much more special and unique.

Plan the Menu

The menu for the baby shower will be determined by the time of day it is hosted. If the celebration is in the morning, provide freshly baked bread with sausages, eggs cooked in various ways, baked beans, and lots of freshly squeezed juice and coffee. However, brunch guests often enjoy extra snacks and appetizers, so prepare accordingly. Remember to buy a cake to give to the pregnant mother as well. 

Plan the menu in a manner that considers the expectant mother’s preferences. If she craves homemade food, make her some mini cupcakes, mini fried chicken, and little bowls of potato salad. Consider serving the food in smaller servings if you want your guests to be able to enjoy the party without having to leave early because they are too full.

Come Up with a Schedule of Activities 

The next step is to design the baby shower’s schedule of activities. It is critical to get the party flowing to keep people engaged and entertained. Wait 15 to 20 minutes for the guests to arrive, then serve them drinks as they enter the door. You may begin after everyone has arrived. Set up a booth where attendees can contribute images and words to a scrapbook that will be delivered to the expectant mother. The dinner should be served while the guests unwrap their presents, followed by dessert and coffee, so there is no room for boredom.

Inquire about the Games

Not all expectant mothers, however, share the guests’ love for games. Before you go too far into the planning, ask your best friend whether she wants games. Consider the game genres that will be available. While some expecting mothers like being touched and even having their bellies measured, others find it unpleasant. You might want to ask her about the type of games she wants. Perhaps she is having difficulty choosing a name for her child and believes playing a baby shower game that produces name suggestions would be entertaining. A very interesting game is called “Guess Who?” To play it, you need all the attendees’ baby photos, blank lists, and pens. Place the pictures around the room and tell everyone to guess the people in the photos. Simple and creative.

Choose Souvenirs for Guests

Baby shower souvenirs aren’t mandatory, but they’re a lovely way to convey your gratitude to the guests, especially if they traveled a long distance to attend. You don’t have to go all out, but scented body wash, tasty sweets, or a little houseplant in a lovely container will be appreciated. You can also gift guests DIY items, such as arranging store-bought treats in distinctive containers that complement the theme to make them appear more appropriate for the occasion. However, before you choose the souvenirs, ask the parents about the budget to avoid overspending.


Hosting a baby shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new family member brings much pleasure to everyone concerned. With a little planning and much love, you can throw the ideal event for your best friend expecting a child. This extensive baby shower planning guide will help you plan a successful party. Once the day, time, and location have been determined, the guest list has been confirmed, and invitations have been sent out, you should get ready to start preparing the theme, decorations, and meal for the party.