As a homeowner, you probably worry about many aspects of your home. You always want it to look its best and for all its elements to last as long as possible. One of the largest items on your list is likely to be your roof. Taking the necessary steps to keep up with its maintenance will mean it will give you and your loved ones the protection you expect while preserving the roof’s expected lifespan. If you detect a problem with your roof, do not hesitate to call your trusted Indianapolis roofing company and for regular maintenance, follow these five tips.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Free of Debris

It is very easy for all sorts of debris to accumulate in your gutters. When water cannot flow freely down the gutters and away from your home, many different issues can develop. Your roof decking can quickly deteriorate with the moisture that seeps into it from the gutters. If allowed to go unchecked, this moisture can travel down your walls and all the way into your basement, wrecking everything along the way.

Keep Trees and Landscaping Trimmed

You may enjoy having your landscaping look like a forest close to your home. In reality, having tree branches scraping your roof on a regular basis will cause your shingles to lose their granules and quickly degrade, requiring you to repair or replace your roof much sooner. Also, if a branch were to fall off during a storm, it could cause immediate damage that may not rapidly be repaired. If you have any landscaping around the gutter spouts, trim it to allow for proper drainage.

Remove the Snow

When snow has an opportunity to build up on top of your roof it can become quite heavy. In extreme cases, this excess weight may cause your roof to collapse. Using a snow rake, scrape away as much snow as you can to minimize the weight on your roof.

Check Your Shingles

When you notice that the weather has started taking a toll on your roof, you may see large areas of shingles that have started to crack, buckle, or shrink. Between fluctuations in temperature and unexpected storms, your shingles may pay the price. Keep an eye out for any damage and call a professional roofer before a full roof replacement is needed.

Remove Mold and Moss

Algae, moss, and mold spores are carried by the wind and deposited on roofs everywhere. Allowing them to grow unchecked on your roof may have consequences since they hide moisture underneath and this can result in a leak into your home. Moss can also have the effect of curling asphalt shingles and then the moisture will penetrate further into other layers of your roof. Mold can also cause expensive damage, affecting the structure of the home. You may try to get rid of mold and moss by using a mixture of liquid chlorine bleach and water then power washing off the area or, for best results, call your roofer to do the job for you.