What is Concrete Panels?

concrete coring

Working on a new project of construction or renovation to any facility, Panels creativity of architectural Wand structural for Concrete panels are a great ideal for a collective variety of projects warehouses, retail stores, schools, Manufacturing & plants. This is the structural Manufacturing and architectural beauty of Concrete panel systems.

concrete coring


The ultra-light foam panel & lightweight concrete wall panel making with raw Concrete.Lightweight panels are easy to cut and install too, these Concrete Panels offer a simple solution for making an atmosphere. Once installed, the concrete panel is like genuine formed on the place. In this way, the design of the current environment and facilitate inspired by architects such as Le Corbusier or Tadao Ando which are the sources of inspiration. These panels are available in the market in a range of made-to-measure sizes, designs, and textures.

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Concrete Panel Facts

  • From start to finish by talented artisans made by hand all completely concrete precast wall panels.
  • Concrete Panels weigh almost 6.25 pounds per square foot the thickness of Concrete wall panels is 5/8″.
  • Probably Custom sizes are very dependent because of the application and the access to the job area to making proper and safe handling.
  • The making of concrete precast walls panels with cement backer board.
  • The installation and uses a modified thinnest material of Superflux or Laterite 254R Rapid Platinum.
  • The indoor uses of Concrete in wall panels are intended.
  • The drilling tooling precast panels can be cut into the size and dry masonry cutting drilled by uses of basic.
  • Make sure to Avoid wet cutting.
  • The perfection of flat concrete precast panels is not perfect.
  • This cupping and curling is a hand-cast product that may display some level.
  • The concrete precast wall panels for both uses of residential and commercial applications.
  • The standard colors of Concrete are 10. The chemical and physical reaction can make custom colors.

concrete coring


Weight of Concrete is only 1 lb. Square foot, it can be featherweight panel can be installed in anywhere. The weight of Concrete is only 1 lb. Square foot, it can be featherweight panel can be installed in anywhere.INSTALL Every panel is a tongue and groove, install anywhere at a low cost.SAVINGS COST Every concrete panel of urban costs a fraction of Concrete.LOOKS REAL THING Screw the panels to the wall in the tongue and installation is hidden.CLASS A FIRE These panels are called Class-A Fire Resistance & for internal use.RESISTANT Also Sound proves in High traffic areas aren’t a problem.


concrete coring
concrete coring

Liquid Proof

Panels are using a closed-cell technology liquid prove. The Panels have exceptional quality and proper engineering design to facilitate users. In the way of saving cost, the beauty of panels, Easy to install, not much time need & beautiful structure with the help of panels technology. The best thing about panels is easy to access. In big projects, it will help in the interior and designing of the indoor structure of the building. Proper engineering skills and techniques are helpful to place with appropriate calculation.


Pre-Cast Concrete Panels And How It’s Made?





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