Thinking of doing some improvements to the outdoor space of your property? Want a new patio? But, not sure which materials to use when creating it and how to design it the right way and have it successfully installed? All important questions.

Have you considered flagstone perhaps? This flat stone is quite often used for paving walkways, fences, fireplaces and even for roofing. Further defined on this page, this material is quite a popular choice for patios.

Known for its quality, and its beauty for that matter, this material can certainly do wonders for your outdoor space. Transforming it from bland and unimpressive to extraordinary and rather aesthetically pleasing. Been wondering about adding a flagstone patio to your outdoor space? Then how about you make the final decision soon?

Why Add A Flagstone Patio to Your Outdoor Space

Of course, making the final decision won’t come easy. Put differently, you won’t decide on anything before figuring out if this is actually the smart idea for you. Sure, some people may rush into it and definitely not regret it afterwards, but making an informed decision, instead of a rushed one, is certainly better.

So, what you want to do first is figure out the benefits of this highly durable and versatile stone. Hoping to figure out if it could be right for your outdoor project. Let us, thus, take a closer look at those benefits.

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  1. Durable

Creating a patio that will start cracking and get damaged after a short while is going to achieve nothing but get you frustrated. Thus, picking out the right materials, those that will withstand frequent use and harsh elements, including harsh weather conditions, is important. Flagstone has the sturdiness and the strength to withstand all of that.

  1. Long-Lasting

Given its durability and strength, you can expect flagstones to last long without breaking and fading. When professionally constructed and installed, thus, your flagstone patio will have a long lifespan. Allowing you to go through the installation project now and not worry about any repairs or re-installations any time soon.

  1. Easy to Maintain

Wondering what it takes to maintain this particular material? While some others often have to be repaired, repainted, or even replaced, you won’t have to worry about any such things with flagstone. Cleaning it will be easy too, so overall maintenance is not complicated. Sweeping and washing it from time to time will keep it in great shape and beautiful.

  1. Cost-effective

Are you worried that this type of a patio will cost you a fortune? Certainly not something to be concerned about. Why? Because, when you check out the Mt Airy Philadelphia Stone Mason and similar places, you’ll realize that this material really isn’t that expensive, which is most likely because it is always available and rather common. Plus, because it will last such a long time, it will undeniably be highly cost-effective.

  1. Increases the Value of Your Home

You may not even be thinking about it, but a flagstone patio can actually increase the value of your home. Comes quite in handy when wanting to sell. Even if you’re not planning on selling right now, if, in the future you decide to do so, you’ll be glad that you’ve added this patio to the property, as you’ll get to set a higher price.

  1. Safe to Walk on

Few things are worse than walking on your very own patio and worrying that you’ll slip and fall. Some materials are, simply, not slip-resistant. Flagstone is, fortunately, not among them. Its texture makes it quite safe to walk on even in rainy weather. And, that’s one of the reasons why people install it near pools as well.

  1. Comes in Various Styles

Available in different patterns and colors, flagstones will definitely provide you with the style you’re looking for. Regardless of what you’re planning for your patio, you’ll get to choose the right type of flagstone (additional info) to complement the overall style of your outdoor space. And, since it can be cut in different sizes and shapes, this material is perfect for pretty much any space you have.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

Due to the different designs, shapes and styles, flagstone is sure to look quite aesthetically pleasing. That is, of course, when you choose the perfect style for you, and when you have the right pros install everything and help you create the patio of your dreams. And, thanks to the longevity of the material, your patio will remain beautiful for years and years to come.

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How to Choose a Contractor

Having understood the benefits of a flagstone patio, the next thing you’ll want to do is have it installed. So as to do that, though, you’ll need to choose the right contractor for the project. That is the actual tricky part. Not because there are no great ones, but because it takes quite some effort to find and choose the ones that will be perfect for you.

How do you do that? Not without extensive research, of course. Choosing the best stone masonry contractor is important, because it directly impacts the quality of the work done on your patio. And, you certainly want that quality to be amazing. So, which steps should you take so as to make the best possible choice?

First and foremost, you should search for these professionals online, aiming at creating a list of potential ones, so that you can research them in details later on. Of course, you can also check for some recommendations with your neighbors and friends, in case they have previously had flagstone patios installed in their yards. That’s when the more extensive research should start, aiming to help you select the best contractor. Getting tips on how to make the choice, such as those found at, can certainly help you successfully complete the process.

When doing the research, you should first focus on checking the experience levels of the contractors in your area you’re considering. So as to be sure you’re choosing highly experienced people for the job. Checking out their past projects will also be helpful, because you’ll get to see the quality of their work first-hand.

Naturally, working with contractors that are ill-reputed is not the best option, which is why checking reputation is a must. Reading reviews can help with that. And so can talking to past clients if possible. Furthermore, talking to a few contractors to get their quotes and check how much the project would cost you with each one of them will also be extremely helpful. While you shouldn’t choose based on the price alone, you should also not ignore them, as you probably have a budget to stick to.