While configuring the software testing setup, modern app development companies have to focus on various parameters to ensure the highest efficiency and resource management for their setup. For instance, they can integrate automation testing and mobile app testing to not only eliminate longer testing cycles but also reduce the overall resource consumption in the testing phase. While using automation testing, the developers can also improve the coordination between their development and testing teams to ensure that bugs are detected and removed as soon as they appear in the core framework of the application. The use of freelance software testing is another popular practice that is being adopted by various well-known app development entities.

So with this article, we are going to explore how developers can decide whether freelance software testing is the best approach based on their business type, preferences, and budget allocation. We will also understand some of the areas that they can focus on to improve the efficiency of their freelance testing structure.

Freelance Testing and its Integration with Modern Software Testing

As we already mentioned earlier, automation testing is one of the most important components of the modern software development industry. This is because modern apps are highly complicated as they target multiple platforms and try to perform different functions at the same time. So, by relying only on manual test cases, the developers would not only restrict the effectiveness but also the time consumption of the testing process. While using automation testing, the system can automatically run several different test instances based on pre-written parameters. It is also possible to make significant changes in these parameters to customize them as per projected requirements.

The adoption of modern automation testing helps boost the software testing environment in the following ways:

  • Since this process does not involve human developers, it can run 24 hours round the clock even on holidays. So, with the proper use of automation testing, the developers can complete thousands of different test instances within a few days. Moreover, the removal of human involvement helps boost the accuracy of the test cases.
  • This advanced testing process is highly suited for the execution of repetitive test instances like unit testing and regression testing. By automating these test cases, the developers can save a lot of time and they can focus on other creative areas of the project.
  • It is possible to integrate parallel test execution with test automation. With this process, the developers can initiate thousands of different testing instances on different machines and configurations simultaneously.
  • Automation testing also contributes to maintaining the resource and time efficiency of the app development company. For instance, after integrating automation testing, the developers can eliminate the human test bench in the long run.

However, the test companies must remember that the initial expense of automation testing is comparatively high. This is because they need to invest in various tools, dependencies, and frameworks that are critical for setting up an in-house automation testing team. Moreover, automation testers are expensive to hire compared to manual testers. Therefore using freelance automation testers can be a wise decision both for small companies and the larger ones. Since freelance testers can operate from anywhere in the world, the app companies don’t have to worry about their accommodations, privileges, or other preferences.

Analyzing Whether Freelance Testing Suits You

To properly understand the role of freelance testing in the modern app development industry, we will justify it both from the viewpoint of a software development company and software tester:

Justifying  Freelance Testing From the Viewpoint of An App Company

  • Accessing the Budget

For a small company or a start-up, it is very important to invest in cost-saving measures like the integration of freelance testing. So, these companies must understand their budget constraints and invest in Freelance testing accordingly. The use of freelance testing will allow the companies to maintain their expenses until they start receiving returns on investment for their app development projects. These companies can also consider the use of open-source application testing to further use the app development communities for testing purposes. These processes will help them to eliminate having dedicated testers and QA developers.

  • Understanding Your Company Needs

Freelance testing is the best approach for small companies, large enterprises can also benefit from the integration of freelance software development. This is because various modern companies have thousands of different projects that they must complete simultaneously. So, only relying on the in-house development and testing team can massively slow down the process. In this case, they can add a hybrid model where they can use both freelance testing and in-house development to keep up with their deadlines. However, they must deploy a proper management system that can keep track of this process and ensure a smooth outflow.

Justifying Freelance Testing From the Viewpoint of a Tester

To justify the importance of freelance testing from the viewpoint of an individual tester, we can consider the following parameters:

  • Evaluating the Skillsets:

  • The testers should understand their technical skills and ensure that they have a strong understanding of software testing tools, principles, and methodologies. This is because while adopting freelance testing, they will be subjected to various new projects that might have multiple requirements for a proper evaluation.
  • The software testers must also have good communication skills so that they can coordinate with different members of different companies while working on various freelance projects. During this process, the testers will also have to interact with multiple developers, project managers, and possible clients.
  • Finding Your Testing Interests:

  • The developers need to understand whether they enjoy all the processes that are related to software testing and production. Some of the most important areas to consider include the testing process, finding and reporting defects, and ensuring the optimal quality of the development project.
  • It is also important for the developers to have a clear idea about their preferred domains, programming languages, industry, and application types. Some of the most important applications that developers can consider specializing in include mobile apps, game apps, and web apps. Since these apps are constantly popular, testers will receive a lot of freelance projects regarding these application types.
  • Accessing the Commitments and Building a Portfolio

  • App developers need to ensure they are completely ready for all the challenges that will come their way during freelance software testing. Some of the initial challenges include the client acquisition process, managing the test projects, and maintaining self-discipline.
  • The app developers should also have a clear idea of whether they want to start this process as a full-time freelance developer or as a part-time alongside a traditional permanent job. This concept can help them set up their routine and development projects accordingly.
  • The modern software development industry is filled with competition and thousands of different testers and developers. So app developers must try their best to build a proper reputation so that they can gain a lot of freelance projects. To build a proper portfolio, the developers can consider joining various connection apps like LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • It is also a great idea to work on various personal and open-source projects in the community to gain attention from prospective clients. The app developers can also participate in various testing seminars that are often conducted in the community.

LambdaTest and How it Boosts Automation Testing

The integration of cloud testing with automation testing is yet another combination that helps boost the quality of the app development project. This is because using cloud-based testing environments, the app developers can execute real device testing on thousands of real devices to the remote servers. Some other benefits of this process include access to testing environments from anywhere in the world and the initiation of legacy device testing.

LambdaTest also combines the test reports from both real devices and emulators to boost their accuracy and dependability.

The proper use of LambdaTest real device cloud with modern software test cases helps improve the testing experience in the following ways:

  • The application developers can not only access thousands of real devices but also hundreds of legacy browser and device versions with the LambdaTest real device testing cloud. So, this platform massively boosts the compatibility of the application.

mobile app testing

  • While using LambdaTest for automation testing, the developers can execute the test cases on various well-known frameworks like Selenium, Appium, Playwright, and even Cypress. LambdaTest has native support for running the Selenium test cases on more than 3,000 browsers and real device cloud
  • LambdaTest provides an artificial intelligence-integrated platform for initiating and sorting test cases according to their priority. It also maintains a live activity log to keep track of all the test cases and the detected errors.
  • While using LambdaTest for executing automation testing, the developers can also use the Selenium WebDriver and the Selenium Grid to initiate automated cross-browser testing. This process guarantees the stability of the app irrespective of changes in various parameters like operating system, device version, or browser parameters. The following code snippet helps execute automated cross-browser testing with LambdaTest:

mobile app testing


  • After executing the automation test cases, LambdaTest will generate a highly comprehensive test report consisting of vital information like detailed test activity logs, and visual data like screenshots and videos. LambdaTest automatically captures the screenshots during the test execution process for the simplicity of the debugging process. This is because using these elements, the developers can quickly navigate to the faulty element in the app.


mobile app testing

  • To provide elaborate support for the new automation testers and developers LambdaTest has rich documentation on its official website. This documentation explains all the required parameters and features using simple languages and sample test cases. In case the developers require one-to-one support, they can refer to the life chat, over-the-phone support, and even the mailing feature. Finally, LambdaTest also allows the developers and testers to discuss among themselves using its open-source community.

The Conclusive Views

So, all the parameters that we discussed in this article will help the developers to analyze whether freelance software testing is justified according to their business model. However, we all can agree that automation testing will continue to become one of the most important components of the modern app development industry. So, we recommend all the companies seriously consider transitioning to complete automation test cases. It is also important to constantly monitor the requirements of the target audience to understand their preferences. Using this data, the developers can customize the application to ensure that it can cater to a wider section of the user base. Finally, comprehending the user parameters can also create a positive image for the brand to maintain its position in this competitive segment.