What is the polyester concrete overlay?

The polyester concrete overlay material can be applied on Concrete after cured at least 30 days, above 40-degree temperatures are consistently and forecasted in the dry weather.  The primary goal is to open the structure for traffic as soon as quickly possible, and as a result, motorists noticed that bump of slight bridges until overlay its implementation.

These kind of bridges are safe entirely for the public traveling without an overlay. For security purposes should place alert driving bump, sings of warning near the sites. Encourages the drivers to stay vigilant of this signage near the sites. When the team applied the overlay, one-third part is the close of the bridges and assisting flaggers guiding alternative safe ways to the traffic.

What is the polyester concrete overlay?


Polyester Concrete Repairs

The polyester concrete capabilities enumerate too long for the structure. Process of repairs is to multiply the number of concrete structures with some possibilities of defects in the structure, and then start renovations the polyester concrete structure.

There is a variety of types to repairs structure entirely by the year extensively, Concrete has growing in the walls and the bridge was repairing markets. Polyester concrete overlay improves the structure terms, like protection, restoration, maintenance & the strengthening for the long lives of the structure and healthy environment for the human’s comforts.


Polyester Concrete Finishing

The polyester concrete overlay is struck-off to established cross-section & grade & Consolidation on the compaction required. There is no need for grooving & texture finishing needed when the surface of the structure is fresh by the nature of times.

Just coated the Forms they shall be suitable for the bonds its release permitted an agent of releasing on forms. The polyester concrete overlay is receiving the abrasively sand finishing. This step applied on sand finishing immediately before the overlay gelling occurs or the strikes off.


Polyester Concrete Method

There is plenty of techniques used for Applying the thin polymer concrete overlays.

  • Broom method
  • Seed method
  • Slurry method

In the Method of broom and the Method of seed in which used the liquid epoxy, it’s been applied on to the prepared surface by the help of boom, roller, spray & squeegee. Then the next step is to spread the Aggregate over the epoxy by wet.

In Method of slurry, liquid and aggregate binder mixed with the forms riches slurry & mortar which are spread uniformly over decks with the thickness required.

When struck off the mud after that adding aggregates additionally for broadcasting to improving the resistance the skid. These steps are made structure repaired and looking better than the damages conditions.

The discipline is to placing the polyester concrete overlay on the bridges sites, and the contractor shall not be receiving the polyester concrete overlay until Engineer’s approvals for the complete overlay trials.

Thays strictly follows these rules for the betterment of the securities purpose too saving plenty of sodden accidents or any miss calculations whenever doing this significant part of  Polyester Concrete Overlay procedure.