In the era of large enterprises and the ongoing supply chain concept, it is crucial to provide automated solutions that will fit business goals and take into account all the peculiarities of supply chain management and maintenance. For it, using special supply chain software is a win-win idea. Do you know what is it and how to draw out the task for the development team to get the highest results? We have to tell you a couple of words about that.

Why Businesses Use Special Supply Chain Software

Firstly, what is supply chain software, and what functions does it perform? To answer that question, we need to proceed from the essence of the supply chain itself. It is the process from the manufacture of goods or raw materials. And it goes up to terminal delivery to the customer. That process usually consists of multiple links. These are processes and operations you need to manage to walk the whole way from point A to point B. And when you need to ease all parts of that process, you need to automate them. That is what supply chain software can help you with.

Today, under the term supply chain software are gathered several types of software products whose intention is to provide control, supervision, management, and reporting on every link in your supply chain.

When you decide on which supply chain software development services to get, you should start with defining actually which type of software you need to get forecasted results. As usual, the whole concept of supply chain software consists of the following software products:

  • Lean inventory tools,
  • Order processing software,
  • Supplier management software,
  • Transportation CRM,
  • Warehouse management tools,
  • Bid and spend tools,
  • Analytics and reporting tools.

Some of them can be used separately, while others can be integrated into your custom logistics software. Besides, today, you can choose from the base for this software type. It can be whether on-premise or cloud-based. The choice depends fully on your business’ specifics, as requirements a carrier or a freight broker have can vary greatly.

What Main Features of Supply Chain Software You Need to Get

But still, when starting your supply chain software development, you need to know about some crucial features it should have. These features provide seamless execution of each chosen operation and offer higher ROI and productivity when implemented properly.

  1. An opportunity to optimize processes and operations the software is responsible for.
  2. Real-time monitoring and data providing.
  3. Security of the performance and data storage.
  4. Scalability to fit all types of logistics processes.
  5. Reporting and forecasting features.

When your developed supply chain software meets these features, results will be quickly achieved and considerable.

Some Tips on What Kind of Supply Chain Software to Select and Whom to Hire to Develop It

If you decide to get armored with supply chain software in your fight for leadership in business, you need first to come across with reliable team which can provide you with the development of that kind of automation solution. It is better to apply for the services of a company that already has similar projects developed in its portfolio. That may help avoid misunderstandings and mistakes on the way to an impeccable product for your business. For example, in RexSoft, there are experts in SCM and transportation CRM development with 12+ years of experience. Thus, you can get the product fully tailored to your business needs from them.

Maintaining supply chain management is a must for businesses whose activity is related to shipping, freight forwarding, transportation brokering services, logistics and dispatching. And supply chain software development is a solution for this.