10 Types of Construction Sand

Types of Construction Sand

The Pit Sand

The Pit. The concerting of coarse sand grains is the angular, sharp, and free certainly from the salts etc. Sand is classified under the fine and coarse Sand that which are called by Badar-pur in the local language. This type of pit sand color is red and orange that is procures from the pit of bottomless supply abundant in generally.


Artificial Sand

The artificial sand is a substitute from the River, and it is also called River sand. Also known as the term of fine aggregates which are producing or manufacturing, by the crushing granite and the rocks basalt process of 3 stages processing, crushing, And the washing. The Artificial Sand it’s been making in the conformance codes by ISI that useful alternative to the river sand.


The Beach & Sea Sand

This type of particular Sand has been using for construction, it containing moisture absorb salt with itself this process is by nature, and the atmosphere sickness brings for the building structure. The beach and the sea and had a high quantity of proportions of the chloride-ions, which are the causes of corrosions in the steel structure.

The Beach & Sea Sand

This beach and sea sand is more beautiful than the Sand of River, But it’s not suitable for the construction of the purpose since its failure to give the reliability and durability for the building structure or the structure of the road. For these kinds of reasons, beach and Sea sand in the purpose of construction is not for recommended.


The River Sand

The River sand is obtaining from the bank of the rivers and the beds. Usually, the river sand color is white & grey, and its quality has been outstanding. The River sand is top graded because it’s suitable for all kinds of masonry and concrete works. The river sand is a very cheapest way by naturally. 


The Fine Sand

The fine Sand calls the Sand, who is passing in the Sieve of 1.5876 mm. This Sand is usually used for plastering.


The Coarse Sand

The Sand who is passing in the Sieve of 3.176 mm is called by the coarse Sand. This Sand is usually used for the masonry work.


The Gravelly Sand

The Sand who was passing in the Sieve of 7.63 mm is called by the gravelly Sand. This Sand is generally used in the type of concrete works.


The Concrete Sand

This Sand is usually used in the concrete works; this Sand is generally uses called by coarse Sand. The excellent modulus of concrete Sand should not more than the 4% silt and should in the 2.6 to 3.6 it’s been pretty good.


The Utility Sand

The Utility sand is the type of fine Sand. This Sand is usually made from the quartz. Also utility sand called pipe sand because of its use in the backfilling process of pipes after laying them. Backfilling of retaining walls and serves as fill in the trenches.


The Fill Sand

The Fill sand is beautiful; it’s using in the process of compacts well. It is used for the backfilling after the plumbing and the electrical works, as a primary material for the actions of concrete, and filling most massive holes. It is also used for the golf course and the arena horse.


What is industrial sand?

Industrial sand is a term usually applied to high whiteness silica sand products with closely managed sizing. It is a more precise product than traditional cement and road gravels. Excerpted ore undergoes significant processing to increase the silica content by reducing pollutants.

What is the most common type of sand?

The most popular type of sand, found in non-tropical shores and continental states, is called silica, and regularly takes the form of quartz. This type of sand is remarkably immune to weathering due to its artificial structure (SiO2), which makes the current very hard.

Wow is silica mined?

In almost all cases, silica mining uses open pit or dredging opening operations with standard mining machines. Except for momentarily concerning the immediate area while mining operations are active, earth and gravel mining usually has a short environmental force.

What is soft sand?

Soft sand also is recognized as producers or bricklayers is the type of sand that can be used for many purposes such as facing pavement or bricklaying when combined with concrete.

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