Cannabis-related manufacturers might need help getting through the gates of heaven of paid advertising. However, they can still do well by trying various marketing tactics using a mix of organic social media and PR from back in the day and SEO endeavors to get as much attention as possible. PR and working with the media are essential for cannabis-related brands. You can buy Delta 9 THC Gummies online.

1. Instagram

With its new in-app shopping feature, Instagram has turned into a digital mall, which has opened up new ways for visual merchandising. With the Instagram shopping function on posts and stories, your storefront is now on your customers’ news feeds. The Explore feature of the platform has a shopping channel that collects posts based on what the user likes. This approach is the same as putting a mannequin in the window.

Organic: If you work in the cannabis business, you can not set up paid ads, but you can still concentrate on organic reach. Focus on making a regular posting schedule and using a mix of popular, trending, and branded hashtags.

Social Customer Service: A good customer service experience makes people more loyal to a brand. The same is true for customer service on social media. Have a plan: Have a plan for how to deal with different customer service situations.

Influencers/Ambassadors: Get to know people. When it comes to word-of-mouth marketing and consumer content, Instagram is a public affairs dream come true.

UGC: User-generated content that is real is another excellent way to reach more people by getting mentions and marketing hashtags. Try giving away stuff or prizes to get people to discuss your product with their audiences.

Stories/Video/Shorts/Lives: If the content is king, then videos are the heir to the throne. Instagram gives you a lot of different ways to add a video to your strategy. Make sure to look into other ways to fill each one.

2. Podcasts

Make your own or ask to be on someone else’s. Look at health and wellness podcasts if your cannabis brand is related to health and wellness. Some podcasts are about cannabis. You can get podcast publicity by being a guest on a show, but there are also shorter options with lead-generating strategies that can turn podcast listeners into customers.

Seasonal podcasts let brands focus on niche markets or special topics throughout a series of podcasts instead of just one podcast every week. In a sector that is a lot like the Wild West, marijuana brands could use podcasts with experts as guests to teach their audience.

Social PR Secret: Offer various options for various levels of brand ambassadors and influential people. Smaller Influencers may be willing to post content in exchange for complementary products or promotions, but more significant, more well-known influencers may want compensation.

3. Facebook

Facebook lets brands make it easy for their users to shop from their profiles. Business pages can use a shopping framework that allows you to link your e-commerce website to Facebook. This factor enables users to shop under the shopper’s tab and in each post. You can group products by style or price and even put ads on individual blog posts and videos. It is hard for cannabis products to do well on Facebook. If you search for “cannabis” or “marijuana,” you will not find any photos. They have strict rules about promoting, selling, or using drugs or products related to drugs.

Here are some ways to advertise marijuana on Facebook:

Organic: Like other businesses, pages for companies in the marijuana market do not have the option to pay for ads. Still, it is possible to reach people naturally.

Chatbot/Messenger: Using chatbots or having a plan for how to respond on Messenger will ensure that users have a good experience with customer service. A high average response is a big reason why people buy something. Use Facebook Messenger to let your audience know about special deals and offers. 

Live/Stories/Videos: Facebook still remembers how effective video content can be. It lets you use the system to add videos of different lengths and styles.

Host a Facebook Live Q&A or theme show once a week: This is an excellent way to get free media attention and clear up confusion about your brand and the cannabis industry. It is also a smart way to capture the attention of conventional news outlets that want to hear from cannabis experts.

Social PR Secret: Add a “Call to Action” (CTA) to your cannabis-related Facebook page, asking users for their email addresses and contact information. Then, make a follow-up email campaign to tell people about your products.

4. Twitter

The best things that Twitter offers for brands that make money are promoted and retargeted posts and a user interface (UI) that makes it easy to track what is popular.

Try the following Twitter tips for marketing cannabis:

Organic: Because there are strict rules about paid advertising, brands are learning about the credibility advantages of organic publicity and outreach and are getting the most out of it.

Hashtags: Twitter is a good place for media to use hashtags to get into conversations with audiences. It is well-known for creating and breaking trending hashtags.

Corporate Communications: Twitter is a way for users to get news, but it has also become a way for the media to get information.

5. Pinterest

As a platform that works as a social media network, a shopping network, and a search engine, it is no surprise that businesses and brands have been using it to boost sales and raise brand awareness. The platform works well with Shopify and, with a few exceptions, lets you promote pins.

Here are some ideas for using Pinterest to market cannabis. Pinterest is stricter about promoting cannabis-related products, and it will not let you promote anything that has even a trace of THC. Focus on organic growth with regular posts.

Visuals: Invest in images to get traffic from other sites.

6. LinkedIn

Go Organic: A company’s LinkedIn Page can be used to collect and share news about the company and the industry. With the PR power to share long-form blogs and articles with your connections, your LinkedIn page can be more helpful.

Visuals: Make sure to use strong images to capture the attention of people looking for information about cannabis.

Marketing on websites and blogs about cannabis

Paid advertising: Google Ads are almost certainly not available except if you break the rules and risk getting in trouble.


The restrictions on digital advertising for the marijuana market are just a speed bump and do not make it impossible to have an effective social PR plan. Trust among consumers is at a record-breaking low right now. Customers learn about brands from their friends, evaluations, and third-party sources that they trust. This moment is perfect for PR to make the most of the situation and make the best case for the success of cannabis brands. Start putting your organic strategy to work.