6 Factors That Influence The Smell Of CBD Products

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CBD products have surged in popularity recently as a natural alternative to traditional methods of treating health and wellness issues. The main component of this type of product is Cannabidiol, derived from the cannabis flower or hemp plant. The extraction process results in an oil that can be further processed into various forms, such as tinctures, pills, topical creams, and edibles. 

While CBD at CBD.co are increasing in popularity among those looking for something different to treat their health and wellness needs, it’s important to remember that no medical claims have been proven regarding these products. It is beneficial to research first to determine the best option for yourself before integrating a new product into your lifestyle regimen.

How Do CBD Products Smell?

Most people are surprised to learn that CBD products can have subtle and enjoyable aromas. However, what you should expect from the smell of a Cannabidiol product will depend on how it has been extracted and its various ingredients. Some Cannabidiol products may have an earthy scent due to the presence of terpenes and essential oils derived from the hemp plant. Others may feature a mild aroma reminiscent of berries, oranges, or other natural scents. Regardless of their fragrance, most CBD products should have pleasant scents that do not aggravate purchasers’ senses. Therefore, when searching for a practical and well-made Cannabidiol product, pay attention to its scent so that you will be pleased with your purchase.

6 Factors That Influence The Smell Of CBD Products

1. Terpenes

Terpenes are an essential part of what determines the smell of CBD products and can be found in various plants, including hemp. They are volatile oils that give plants their characteristic aroma, with each terpene contributing different visual, taste, and aromatic effects. There are over 200 identified terpenes that have been isolated from various plant species, some of which occur naturally in hemp plants. Terpenes have a significant influence on how CBD products smell and help to produce an enjoyable user experience. With a vast range of aromas ranging from citrus to piney notes and more, the combined effect of terpenes provides users with more enhanced effects associated with certain scents.

2. CBD concentration

The concentration of CBD in products can play a significant role in how they smell when used. For example, higher concentrations often have a more pungent scent than those that contain lower levels due to the presence of terpenes. Additionally, the terpene profile may vary depending on the Cannabidiol source and its concentration, leading to various aromas that range from sweet and fruity to earthy. It is significant to note that while it is possible to detect hints of aroma from these products before use, some users may not notice any fragrance. In either case, the concentration of CBD will have an impact on the product’s scent.

3. Extraction method

The extraction method used for a particular CBD product plays a vital role in the product’s smell. For example, some oils produced through Supercritical CO2 extraction typically have a shallow odor profile compared to oil extracted from other methods, such as Ethanol Extraction, which can offer more robust aromas. Ultimately, it is essential to research and read reviews before purchasing to understand what each CBD oil may smell like so that you can make an informed decision on the right product for your preferences and needs.

4. Carrier oil

Carrier oil is essential to creating the scent associated with many CBD products, from topical creams to tinctures. A carrier oil can also be considered a “base oil” because it will form most of the product. Depending on the combination and ratio of scent ingredients, Cannabidiol-infused products can range from a subtle herbal aroma to full-bodied aromas of flowers or citrus. Different carrier oils like olive or coconut can increase aromatic intensity or depth. With creativity and a careful selection of ingredients and scents, large varieties of smells are possible when making CBD-infused products.

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5. Storage conditions

Storage conditions can be significant when looking for CBD products with great-smelling aromas. Proper storage helps retain the botanical extract’s natural scent and taste, preserving its quality and efficacy. For example, light exposure, temperature fluctuations, or temperature extremes can intensify changes in the scent profiles of oils and extracts. Therefore, choosing a reliable storage option is crucial to protect from harmful environmental exposures. Additionally, when selecting these products that are blatantly fragrant, it’s best to look out for brands that list the optimal storage conditions on their packaging to guarantee freshness and potency with every purchase.

6. Shelf life

The smell of any CBD product is determined mainly by its shelf life. As a cannabinoid, CBD is often surrounded by terpenes that influence its smell; however, when a Cannabidiol product has been sitting on the shelf for some time, those terpenes can start to break down, resulting in diminished smell and possible changes in flavor. Maintaining proper storage conditions for any Cannabidiol product is crucial in ensuring it retains its smell for as long as possible. Controlling the temperature and keeping products away from air and light can also help ensure they smell great every time you use them.


In conclusion, does cbd smell? Many consumers and users may be curious about this question. Although the scent of a Cannabidiol product is unlikely to be overpowering, it will depend on the product type and other ingredients present in the formulation. For example, lotions and balms often have a mild herbal aroma due to other essential oils or fragrances added to the formula. On the other hand, tinctures or vape products could smell like hemp or grass due to the presence of terpenes. Ultimately, it is an individual choice as to what scent you prefer, as there are no established standards for how CBD products should smell.

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