This term has been on everyone’s lips in recent years – sugar daddy is often mentioned in a negative context, mostly to devalue the sugar daddy’s younger partner.

But is a sugar daddy really as bad as their reputation suggests? Does a young woman really have to feel bad about wanting to meet a sugar dad or even already dating one? And how can dating apps help when a young lady really wants to meet someone?

Our dating guide answers these and other questions. We hope you enjoy reading and enjoying it!

A matter of definition

Before we get started, it’s a good idea to first define – who or what is a “sugar daddy“? Because a literal translation of “sugar papi” or “sweet papi” is hard to imagine at first (and sugar daddies usually don’t put up a sign with the word on dating apps). Does it necessarily have to be someone who already has a child, and how exactly do you define a person’s “sweetness”?

Just kidding – a sugar daddy is a man who is older than his partner, and significantly older. We’re not talking about an age difference of two, three, or even five years. The sugar daddy is ten years older than his girlfriend. A larger age difference between a man and his partner is not the problem in itself.

Because the other characteristic of a Sugar Daddie is his economic situation, which is also significantly better than that of his girlfriend. And for the girlfriend, the focus of such a relationship is primarily to obtain financial benefits from her loved one, be they direct (e.g. “pocket money” or gifts of money) or indirect (new branded clothing, smartphones, trips, …).

In return, the sugar dad’s girlfriend has no inhibitions in bed. No matter how the Lord likes it, in what form and how often – if the young lady wants to secure financial benefits from her sugar daddy in the future, she is always happy to make her body available.

Social media is also a rise of sugar relationship phenomenon, if you want to find a telegram sugar daddy, you can take a look at this suggestion.

How others see it

Malicious gossips will claim that this is a more modern and exclusive variant of classic prostitution. The omnipresent free porn on the internet also suggests in the scenarios of many videos that young girls only want sugar daddies in bed and vice versa. But you can’t just sign it like that.

The right chemistry between the two is an important prerequisite in the relationship between a sugar daddy and his partner. Even when a man is old, he is usually not stupid – if he realizes that his girlfriend really doesn’t like him for anything but his money, he will quickly end this relationship.

Of course, the sugar daddies are also aware that the young babe gets into bed with them because she will be rewarded for it. With nice gifts, with great restaurants and – above all – with a lot of attention and admiration from his side. One mustn’t forget – even the most venalable lady faints at sincerely meant compliments.

But you should also remember that even in very classic relationships it is absolutely normal in many places for the man to take his sweetheart to expensive restaurants from time to time and to give her one or the other nice present on given occasions. Against this background, one should not necessarily divide the relationship with a sugar daddy into black and white, but actually see it as a gray hybrid.

Where to Find Sugar Daddies

Although there are a few sugar daddies on dating apps and sites with the express wish of picking up a young pearl, you won’t find quite a few such men on the internet. They’re either too busy professionally to roam around on these pages, or they’re just too old for it.

When hunting for a sugar daddy, the young hunter should first spend more time in places where such men are more likely to be found. On the one hand, when looking for a financially well-off older gentleman, one option is to spend time in expensive luxury restaurants. Preferably with nothing but a drink, but please dress up, dress sexy and make-up like for a top model competition.

There is a good chance that elderly gentlemen with a lot of money meet in such restaurants either with other rich people for business lunches or with friends who are just as wealthy in their free time. Those who are either single or would just like to meet a young and beautiful lady, will sooner or later approach such a pretty thing sitting alone in a restaurant.

Online and searching, even at an older age

Not all sugar daddies are so old-fashioned that they’ve never heard of smartphones or the internet. Of course, there are also those who use dating apps and dating websites regularly. What’s the best way to recognize them?

Of course, none of them write I’m a sugar daddy on their dating profile, girls get in touch. However, there are subtle signals that may indicate that the person on the dating app has some, if not all, of the characteristics of a sugar daddy.

Of course, no one will write I’m old or I’m a little older . It will be packaged and sold much nicer, for example in the form of an experienced man in his prime or in very good condition and eternally young in spirit – these can be indications that the other person potentially has a 4, if not a 5 or 6 in front could have stood.

The main thing is that you have fun!

While there will always be people who will judge it, as long as both sides are having fun, there’s nothing wrong with a sugar daddy relationship. From that point of view it is even a win-win situation.

The Sugar Dad really gets his money’s worth in bed, his young, economically less secure partner is spoiled materially in a way that no other student of the same age could do for her.

And who said a sugar daddy was bad in bed? 😉 On the contrary, thanks to their experience, many men in their prime are able to please women much better than their younger competitors.

So, enough reading for today! Now turn on the dating app and look for your sugar daddy – you want it 😉