These days the whole world is suffering from inflation. Ever since covid impacted the world, it has left many economies in shambles. This led to commodities becoming extremely expensive. In western and eastern countries, people have been trying to cut down on their expenses to save up for things that matter more. Those people designing their homes and constructing have attempted to cut costs. Those people who wanted to use real concrete in their houses to create aesthetic spaces have shifted to wallpaper. They love peel-and-stick wallpaper and how the concrete finish looks. 

The reason why people have opted for concrete wallpaper is that it is affordable. Rather than using bags of concrete on surfaces to give it a finished look, peel-and-stick wallpaper can give you just the desired results.

Why use concrete wallpaper: 

People have shifted to concrete wallpaper for multiple reasons, some of which are:  

  • Convenient: Installing concrete wallpaper is more convenient than using concrete. Installing real concrete can get messy, and you require labor to do the perfect job. With peel-and-stick wallpaper, you only need to have a clean surface and install the wallpaper on it. 
  • Versatility: The concrete wallpaper can be used on multiple surfaces. From outside houses to indoors on walls and furniture. Even floors are lined with concrete wallpaper these days. It is a great way to add that modern touch to your house. 
  • Flexibility: If real concrete is used on surfaces, it can not be removed easily, whereas peel-and-stick wallpaper is easily removable. If you get tired of it, you can take it off. 

How to use wallpaper on your surface?

You will need some supplies to give any surface in your house a concrete look. 

  • Peel and stick wallpaper with a concrete pattern 
  • Scissors or craft knife 
  • Measuring tape 
  • Ruler 
  • Level 
  • Squeegee

Follow the following steps to create the perfect concrete surface in your home: 

  • Measure the surface: The first step is to measure the surface on that you want to install the wallpaper. After you have measured the surface with the measuring tape, cut the wallpaper to the appropriate size. Ensure you leave extra wallpaper for the edges, which you can trim later. 
  • Clean the surface: Before you apply the wallpaper on the surface, clean the surface properly to remove any dirt or debris. Ensure it is adequately cleaned; otherwise, the adhesive won’t stick. 
  • Apply the wallpaper: Peel the backing carefully and place it evenly on the surface while smoothing it. Keep a pencil in hand to mark all those spots that need to be trimmed. 
  • Use a squeegee to smooth out any bubbles if necessary. 

Concrete wallpaper is suitable for multiple purposes. Even if you are looking for wallpaper for kids, it is a good option as it can help create a dramatic effect in the room. These wallpapers are readily available in the market and are becoming one of the latest trends in 2023.