How to remove paint from concrete?

how to remove paint from concrete

Concrete is penetrable, which means that it quickly absorbs fluids like paint. With this ease of penetration, paint can flow millimetres deep into a concrete surface. As a result, it can be a trial to figure out how to remove paint from concrete, but it can surely be done.

How to remove paint from concrete?

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Elements and Accessories Required To Remove Paint from Concrete
– Broom (or clean cotton rag)
– Trisodium phosphate
– Long-handled brush
– Putty knife
– Chemical paint stripper
– Protective gear (respirator, dust mask, rubber gloves)
– Pressure washer
– Clay powder or kitty litter (optional)

how to remove paint from concrete patio

Clean the concrete surface thoroughly and let dry.

When you set out to remove paint from concrete, the first thing to do is clean the surface of the concrete thoroughly. Make a solution of soap and water, or better yet, diluted trisodium phosphate (TSP)—in which case, be sure to wear gloves.

Meanwhile, sweep or wipe off the concrete, removing as much movable dust, dirt, and debris as possible. Now continue to work the soapy water or TSP into the concrete into a long-handled brush. Rinse the area afterwards, allowing one to three hours for the surface to dry.

Scrape peeled or chipped areas and apply paint stripper.

If any of the paint has now begun to chip or peel, scrape it off with a putty knife. Having done so, get ready to use the chemical paint stripper. You need to use one designed for the type of paint you’re trying to remove.

Once you’ve reached the concrete with a generous layer of paint stripper, let it sit for six to eight hours. Throughout that time, a chemical reaction will take place, the magical outcome of which is the removal of paint.

Remove paint stripper residue.

For this level of the job, so long as you’re operating on a compact concrete patch, you can reasonably get by with a wire scrub brush or a paint scraper. On a larger surface, to perform things much more flexible, it’s recommended that you lease a pressure washer from your local home centre.

Always consume safety gear when handling chemical paint strippers. You want to avoid direct contact with the chemical. You also want to avoid inhaling any chemical fumes.

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