What is Precast Stairs?

Precast Concrete stairs and riser are the comfortable & best choice. Ready-made precast stairs ready in the factory and bring to the exact place for installation directly they on the site. Need just lower maintenance precast concrete stair & riser system wood or steel & installs. The critical part of precast stairs is that ‘Risers’ mostly used to support seating like in the stadiums, theaters, arenas, and other types of grandstanding area. It can be made in different sizes, shapes, and other as requirements it can also be used in homes and commercials areas.

Advantages of Precast Stairs

There are plenty of benefits of precast concrete stairs in the construction way and architectural purposes. The precast stairs are long lasting & durable retaining their functions & enhance the long term lifeline of structure. Precast stairs are the lighter materials more than conventional elements of the building, to control the cracks, quick and easy to installation good for the structural health.

A significant advantage of Concrete stairs is to reduce noise cause of people’s moves around in a building.


Uses of Concrete Stairs

  • Concrete Stairs are providing access to upper floors, & basements in both residential & commercial.
  • Landing slabs cast along with stairs flights or separate units depends on the area were going to construct.
  • Precast stairs provide reliable, safe, & instant access construction base on attractive finishing incomplete construction.
  • The benefits construction of concrete with relation to making concrete stairs fundamental in buildings.
  • Landing slabs and concrete stairs are fit along with floors & accompany by appropriate provide fast and secure solutions to the problems of access to upper floors.

Design of Precast Stairs


Design of Precast Stairs

Precast stairs can be designed as individual units, or it can be manufactured as total precast stair flight. Precast stairs can attach the top & bottom of precast stair flight and connect with both top and bottom floors of buildings. Precast stairs are mostly suitable for the constructions in high traffic areas like Industrial & commercial. The high-quality finishing gives durability to a concrete staircase for long life with not much maintenance.

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Concrete stairs are perfect for construction for high quality residential and private stairways. The precast concrete stairs give excellent acoustic property to addressing sound transfer issues solved with the help of steel and wood staircases. Precast stairs are the perfect choice for fire safety percussions stairs. Free maintenance service and incredible durability are the benefits of precast stairs for construction.

Precast stairs had a fantastic benefit in the construction phase it’s providing rapid durability and safe access to subsequent floors trades & the materials.

Design of Precast Stairs


Surface Fishing of Precast Stairs

  • Precast Concrete stairs are made with high-quality timber & steel molds.
  • On the surface, the top, and the bottom & one edge make troweled, depends on the manufacturing procedure.
  • Many of stairs have left with the original finishing, particularly to the external stairs application.
  • Concrete slabs are typically left roughness receive an on the site screening.
Surface Fishing of Precast Stairs