Installing a DIY home security camera system has its pros and cons. That said, there are factors to consider if you want the best DIY home monitoring system. 

Things can be quite challenging, especially when you want to purchase and install the system yourself. If you feel you can do with some assistance, click here for help.  

Before you decide on the DIY home security camera system, consider the factors below:

Purchase Price and Installation Cost

Price of the equipment, activation fee, and labor cost make up the total installation cost. A DIY security camera system’s cost depends entirely on the system you want to purchase. The installation cost is independent of the type of DIY equipment. 

The cost can be even higher if the insurance company insists on professional installation. DIY security systems installed by professionals will likely last longer, and the installing company can offer services if something goes wrong. 

Monitoring Type

There are options for buying a DIY home security camera that needs professional monitoring or self-monitoring. Selecting professional monitoring comes with extra monthly fees. While on the other hand, self-monitoring is free because you offer self-service. 

You should take extra steps to control your home with the DIY security systems below.

Best DIY Home Security Camera Systems

ADT, DIY Starter System 

No contract required
DIY Installation
Compatible with google assistance and Alexa

This 6-piece home security system is among the best in today’s market with a good track record coming at $219.9. It’s easy to install, therefore, reducing installation costs by experts. 

If you want a secure home, this DIY Home Security piece can be your choice. It also has 3 entry sensors, 1 base system, 1-yard sign, and 1 motion detector.

Most of all, you won’t be locked into any long-term contract because no contracts are required. 

To ensure total home control, the system syncs with Google Assistance, Alexa, and other smart home devices to help accomplish trust. You can self-monitor your apartment or home via a mobile application. Or you can opt for professional monitory service, which costs $19.9/month.

Starter Plus System

No contract required
DIY Installation
Compatible with google assistance.

This 8-piece DIY home security system is the best among all home security systems in the market. It comprises other basic security access like a smart home hub, 1 keypad, 1-yard sign, and 1 motion detector. Leave alone Adobe and Simplisafe; you’ll also benefit from additional security features like 4 door and window sensors. For additional privacy, window tint also helps on the inside surface of the glass.

Like other systems, Starter Plus has some drawbacks. You must have a high-speed internet connection to properly and efficiently operate. Although Starter Plus System has flaws, it’s undeniably among the best DIY home security system you’ll come across. In today’s market, it costs around $299.99.

Premium System

No contract required
DIY Installation
Compatible with google assistance and Alexa

Premium System is a 12-piece and the best home security system. The base kit costs around $419.99 and includes 6 entry sensors, 1 base system, 2 motion detectors, 1 flood and temperature sensor,1 keypad, and 1-yard sign.

Monthly professional monitoring costs less than $16.99. You’ll also benefit from 2 or 3-year protection, costing $24.99 and $33.99, respectively.

Like other home security camera systems, Premium System has a drawback; you must have a high-speed wireless internet connection (2.4GHz) to operate efficiently.