A beam is a significant element of the structure that resists the loads applied on the beam axis. Its mode and job of deflection by the bending. When the loads asked on the beam in result reaction of forces on the beam’s points and supports, several forces are acting on to the rafters in result produces bending moments and shear forces on the shaft that induced internal strains, stresses, & deflections of the beam.

In structural carried vertical and horizontal load, it is also a load-bearing unit and concrete beam strength that can be use. There are different types of beams like reinforced cement concrete beams and reinforced concrete beams, and these beams used for the plates, steel bars, or fibers in the concrete. Such steel enhances concrete beam increases the Strength of the shaft and allows the beam tensile stress and resist the bending. Without using any steel reinforcing, and concrete then will be broken down under the high loads.

The steel structure protects concrete it from weather and prevents the steel corroding. If the steel were to rust, it would expand and crack, and separate from the concrete encasing. That would again weaken the beam construction.


Advantages of Concrete Beams

  • Concrete beams have high compressive strengths as compared to other building materials.
  • Due to providing reinforcement concrete can also help a quality amount of tensile stress.
  • Weather and Fire resistance of reinforced concrete is excellent.
  • The reinforced concrete beam for the building system is more lasting than any other building material and method.
  • Reinforced concrete, is a fluid structure material, in the beginning, can be economically molded in range and shapes.
  • In maintenance cost reinforced concrete beams is a small price.
  • In construction like dams, footings, piers, etc. buildings with the reinforced concrete are most economically and best with the material.
  • Acts like a staff member with deflection.
  • Reinforced concrete can be mold into any shape, and It’s usually used in precast structure component.
  • Compare to the steel in structured, and reinforced concrete cannot require skilled professional labor for the installing of structure.
Concrete Beam Design

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Disadvantages of Reinforced Concrete

  • The reinforced concrete tensile Strength is 1/10 of all the Compressive Strength.
  • There are plenty of steps using reinforced concrete in mixing, curing, and casting. These are affected in the final getting strength.
  • The cost of forms used in casting RC is comparatively higher.
  • For multi-apartment building RCC columns, large section as his compressive Strength is too lower.
  • Shrinkage cracks and Strength lose.

Concrete Beam Design

Reinforced practical beam design generally consists of produces Strength in bars with the action of forces of shear forces, bending moment, and torsional moments. At the time requirements must be considered to ensure that Strength of bars behaving satisfies under the work-loads. It’s difficult to separate both of them; hence, the design procedure consists of a row, and the result is much more beautiful with these procedures helpful for the structure.