The pier & beam foundations are alternatives for slabs and basement foundations. The slab foundations are economical, can be assembled instantly, and are built with reinforced concrete. A home beside a slab foundation seems not to have a foundation. A pier and beam foundation ordinarily adds a crawl space beneath the existing spaces & footings to hold the foundation. Because it allows more stability in exchanging soils, that pier and beam foundation may allow more advantages to the home-owner.

In the pier & beam foundation, a concrete pier does have to reinforce including steel, producing a strong coop inside that pier. The piers are placed atop concrete apartments that also had reinforcement with steel rebars. The support beam holds on to the column.

Slab Foundations and Foundation Problems

Slab foundations usually are resentfully affected by improving soil conditions. In Texas, Colorado, and others state, expansive mud soils influence home foundations. This is an example of the best intentions why towns like Houston, TX & San Antonio, TX had such a huge occurrence of foundation difficulties. Clay soils retain water. If over-saturated, the clay soil increases and flows uphill towards the foundation. As it evaporates, the soil shrinks, and that foundation achieves. This challenge caused by the continually changing soil situation causes holes in slab foundations, which begin to mold, moisture, and other difficulties inside the house.

Pier and Beam Foundation

The Benefits of a Pier and Beam Foundation

Due to a pier & beam foundation provides for a crawl space, the benefits forthe homeowner more comfortable access to heating supplies and plumbing. Plumbing pipes are usually located below a slab foundation—during one of these cracks, the standing water below the slab can reason of foundation problems.

An extra advantage to pier & beam foundations is their platform construction. The pier & beam foundation is covered with a timber platform that may hold more comfortably on joints and ends when homeowners step over the floor. Floors accomplished slab foundations do not own that equal give, as they rest atop a concrete pad.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Pier and Beam Foundation?

The price for repairing structural collapse in a pier and the beam foundation varies on the size of the home and the extent of the damage but normally ranges from $4,600 – $6,500.

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Pier and Beam Foundations – Pros and Cons

The progress from pier & beam foundations to slab on standard foundations established when the post-World War II era to meet the rising requirement for new housing. Although there are however plenty of older houses in the Greater Fort Worth region that stood constructed applying the pier and beam method.

The Pier and beam slabs consist of stones, brick, or concrete piers and wood beams that carry the load of the house. Unlike slab foundations which rest straight on the ground, pier and beam foundations are levitated, normally approximately 24” off of the ground.

Pier and Beam Foundations – Pros and Cons

Pier and Beam Foundation – Pros

Because they are levitated, houses construct on pier and beam foundations are few prone to flooding than these created on slab foundations.

Pier and beam construction also gives smart access for plumbing and electrical lines that’s are placed in the crawlspace under the home. electrical and Plumbing lines are placed in the concrete in slab construction which gives them short accessible in the emergency repairs or changes are needed.

Depending on the situation and amount of damages, pier and beam foundations can be more comfortable and less expensive to fix than slab foundations. Eventually, homes constructed on pier and beam foundations can be relocated if required.


Extremely common problems in pier and beam foundations

Constructing houses own pier and beam foundations are remarkably common because it’s a foundation that’s successful in the Fort Worth, Dallas, TX regions. That is because of certain foundations are usually permanent. Seldom foundation restoration may be needed on a pier and beam homes. The foundation restoration method used fluctuates depending in which foundation repair company is performing the work.


3 Common Problems With Pier And Beam Foundations

(1) Shifting beams and Sagging floors: While your building is sinking or descending, all types of problems occur. Only solution is: Place shims, piers & foundation supports.

(2) Building issues and Tilting piers . This can provide to foundation mess because of it can let your beams to unstable. This will deliver your foundation additional and make cracking in the beams and your foundation too. One advise: Modify concrete piers to support your structure.

(3) Cracks exterior piers. Door structures that can become out of kilter due to piers have deliver way to beams can moving. This is a common drawback to certain foundations and the problem is automatically solved by placing shims and new beams. One advise: Replace exterior piers.