What is Concrete Cutting?

When the grey structure accurately complete when the time comes, you need to remove concrete extra edges or corners and making of shapes. This process is for betterment and improvement for the beauty of the structure. In this process, some tools are required like drills, blades cutters etc. These activities are called concrete cutting.


The factor of Cutting Concrete

Yes, the consideration of age is a matter of concrete new make grey structure concrete cutting is easy, to do But the oldest specific grey structure is more complicated and robust in cutting and making of his shapes. For this job, yes, need a well skilled and professional person to do this process with saws and drilling skills. That’s why this job is so precious.


Why Concrete Cutting with Diamond Saws?

The reason for using diamond saws are prevalent. Because of that, it can cut plenty of other materials, like rebar’s, which are the error in a block of reinforced concrete. With diamond saws, it more accessible to remove and to get shapes whatever depend on needs. For walls, cutting of concrete is using the circular blades that allow the types of equipment to climb walls. The other like Flat pavements or floors cutting can be done by saws quickly by the operation of saws.


Using of Concrete Cutting Equipment

Equipment is the most critical part of concrete cutting. When the area is going to be cut on the surface of the concrete must be marked carefully.

Important Note: When the cutting area depth is less than the 4 inches, the best way to use hand operated cutter or blades. If the thickness of the cutting area is more than 4 inches, it is better to use a piece of equipment or machinery. For safety precaution, it will be helpful and time-saving. Whatever need cutting real reason, the priority it should be the safety for the workers and maintained as well. The concern of safety works is better than the accident.

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Core Drilling for Cutting

The process of Core Drilling is the getting surface perfection round the holes in concrete structural walls and floors. Diameters of the Core drilling holes range minimum 1″ to maximum 12″ rounds, but the uses of average are the 5″ for home applications.

But commercial applications core holes in different sizes. Like core hole range up to 60″ rounds and more than depend on the needs for cutting structure. Core holes are used in various field and different places like plumbing heating, electricals or utility penetration such as commonly used in clothes dryers or furnaces.


Concrete Slab Sawing

The slab sawing also called as a flat sawing, and sawing is mostly made for the horizontal flat cutting concrete surface like pavement, floors and bridge decks. In a feature of the saw, the machine had a diamond blade that requires the one operator to run this machine for cutting. This machine can cut up to 33 inches in depth but frequently only 6″ or less than done with this for home applications.

Slab sawing is the most probably used for operations like repair the water pipe underground digging perfect, making penetrations and other activities like sewer and plenty of additional. When manufacturing of basement or added a bathroom, the concrete need to removed and added new plumbing pipelines and connections for fixtures.

It can be also useful in demolition work for the breakup and remove cracks or unwanted patio, walkway & driveway. It can be used in different condition home-owner wanted to add landscaping in his garden and adding a patio for home decoration purposes.