How does concrete set, this question occurs at the later stage when a foundation or base has been poured, a base has been placed or a stair has been shaped.

If you require to know the truth, concrete never stops curing; it continually hardens forever. However, for practical ideas, it reaches a point where additional hardening will be so slow it becomes unnoticeable. In this article, we cover the basics of what you need to know if you’re asking the question, “how does concrete set?”

When concrete reaches the desired degree of hardness depends not only on the past time but also on the concrete mix, temperatures and other factors.


How long does concrete take to set?

The time it takes for concrete to set naturally also depends on the quantity used. The chemical reaction between cement and water that binds sand and gravel together to make concrete takes nearly 28 days to fully complete.

During this process, which is known as hydration, you want to keep moisture in the concrete. Otherwise, water evaporating too quickly from the surface—which can happen easily outdoors and in direct sun—will weaken the finished product with stresses and cracking.

uses of concrete

Here is a brief overview of the individual stadiums:

  • Fresh concrete takes about 28 days to achieve standard strength
  • Young concrete / green concrete is in the curing phase during these four weeks
  • Hardened concrete is called the building material after 28 days, on/with it the construction can proceed
  • After several months, the moisture has largely evaporated.
  • After years the final strength is reached.


The Dos and Don’ts of Curing Concrete

Ensure the beauty, durability, and crack-resistance of your next concrete project by following these top tips.


  • Cover new concrete.
  • Pond cure concrete slabs.
  • Make the process easier by applying a curing compound
curing of concrete


  • Skip control joints in concrete slabs
  • Let new concrete get too cold
  • Paint or stain concrete in the first month
  • Subject new concrete to excessive weight.

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If conditions are cold, concrete curing blankets provide a manageable way to cure concrete effectively and confidently. Power blanket curing blankets increase production by rapidly curing with consistent, even heat.