Have you ever thought about how tablets have varying shapes and sizes? Well, all this work is done by tablet compression machines. These machines help produce medicines of different shapes and sizes. That is why every pharmaceutical company needs them. 

The technique used in a tablet compression machine is also beneficial for other industries. These include cosmetic companies, supplement-making industries, food products manufacturing companies, and more. 

The best part about using these machines is their straightforward operation. Anyone can learn how to use them without any complications. 

Now, there are different types of tablet-pressing machines you can buy according to the industry. But before making such a decision, it is necessary to consume information about them.

In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about tablet compression machines. This way, you can decide whether you should get one or not. 

What Is A Tablet Compression Machine? 

A tablet compression machine is a device that manufactures tablets of different shapes and sizes. These devices provide pharma companies with a hassle-free tablet manufacturing process. 

The production of medicines includes a lot of things to consider. Some of them are weight, size, shape, etc. Tablet-pressing devices use a technique to compress the granules and other substances to produce medicines. 

What Are The Different Types Of Tablet Pressing Machines? 

These devices come in two types. The industries choose them according to their requirements. Let’s discuss each type in detail. 

Eccentric Tablet Pressing Device 

It is also known as a single-punch tablet compression machine. This device is perfect for the small-scale production of medicines. For the compression procedure, it uses a die and two punches. This way, the tablets get the desired shape, weight, and size. 

The entire process of making tables with eccentric pressing machines is not complex. Those who don’t have prior knowledge can also use these machines. That is why research companies prefer them over others. 

Multi Punches Tablet Pressing Machine 

Multi-punches tablet pressing devices have more than one station to press the granules. This station rotates during the compression process and gives the right size, weight, and shape to the medicines. 

The best thing about these devices is that they can produce many tablets quickly. Unlike other machines, you don’t need to wait for a long time until the work is completed. Many large-scale companies use them to increase their production of tablets

From the above two options, you can choose a machine that suits your needs well. The type of industry also matters the most in making such a decision. 

What Parts Are Present In Tablet Compression Machines? 

A device has various parts. Each part has a distinct function. Tablet-pressing devices include the following components-


The purpose of the hopper is to supply the granules to the feed frame. The hopper is primarily located in the upper part of the machine. You can fill the hopper manually or automatically. Both options are available on these devices. 

Feeder System 

Another significant component of the table compression devices is the feeder system. The feeder system helps granules to enter the die system. It also plays a crucial role in mixing the granules and restricting them from separating. 

The feeder frame of every tablet pressing machine includes two components-

  • Feeder housing: This part allows the granules present in the hopper to enter the die cavity. 
  • Feed peddles: This part of the feeder system rotates at high speed and ensures proper shifting of granules to the die system. This way, it continues well to the manufacturing of tablets. 

Extra Granules Stripper 

As the name suggests, this machine part helps remove the excess granules. Excess granules can create problems in the manufacturing process. Therefore, it becomes necessary to eliminate them, and granules stripper performs this task. 

The weight and size of every tablet should be correct. The granules stripper ensures an accurate weight by eliminating excess granules. 

Die System

The die in the tablet pressing machines transforms the granules into the correct size and shape. As you know, size and shape are essential in tablet compression. The die system is a valuable component for making this task more convenient for the machine. 


Every tablet-pressing device has two punches- upper and lower. The compression of granules is done because of the pressure from the punches. The upper one goes downward, while the lower one goes upward. This process occurs in the die system of the device. 


The turret is a central component of tablet compression devices. The proper positioning of the die system and punches is possible because of this part. 

Cam Track 

Cam track is beneficial to control the movements of the punches, including both upper and lower. The motion accuracy allows the machine to manufacture the tablets without any issues. That is why it is an essential part. 

Compression Rollers 

The primary purpose of compression rollers is to put the proper force for compressing the granules. These ensure that the tablets produced have suitable hardness. There are two types of rollers in a tablet pressing device- 

  • Pre-compression roller: During the compression of granules, the air gets trapped in them. Pre-compression roller removes the air to produce the desired tablets. 
  • Main compression roller: Main compression roller works on putting the proper force for pressing the granules. This way, the tables have the right size and thickness.

Ejection Cam 

Once the compression is done, the ejection cam gets to its work. It ejects the tablets by moving the lower punch in an upward motion. 

Take-off Blade 

This component of the tablet-pressing machines moves the compressed tablets to the discharge chute. These compressed tablets are present in the die table. 

Discharge Chute 

After manufacturing, the discharge chute helps the tablets come out of the device. Its role comes at the end of the process. 

Tablet Weight Controller 

The accurate weight of the tablets is a necessary thing in the manufacturing process. Tablet weight controllers ensure the right volume. 

Final Thoughts 

Tablet compression machines play a crucial role in the pharma industry. Without them, it is impossible to create perfect medicines. In other words, the right size, shape, and weight won’t be present. We hope this guide helped you understand everything about these devices. You can choose a machine after analyzing your needs.